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What is Event Lighting and why should I consider having lighting at my event?

In most cases your venue doesn't have their own lighting beyond the basic overhead chandeliers. Why is that a problem? (Answer) Because the best you can do is dim the lights which make your decor in the room less noticeable. You spent a lot of money on those beautiful centerpieces and without the proper lighting it may be difficult to see in a dim setting.

Solution: Although candle votives around the table may look nice it doesn't compare to what it looks like when combined with Pin Spotting, it takes the "intimate candle-lit look" to the next level! This is done simply by focusing narrow beams of lights on each table centerpiece as well as on the cake and any other areas you would like to focus on. Pin Spotting highlights all of the natural beauty and stretches your investment by making your centerpieces "POP" as you walk in the room!

Most Weddings or events have a "Color Theme" coordinating between everything from the Bridesmaids' Dresses & Groomsmen's vests to the linens and centerpieces on each table. One place you don't have that color is on the walls and LED up lighting is a great way to tie in your colors all the way around the room. These lights are very safe and can be custom blended to any color in the visible spectrum of light.

Before LED up lighting the only way to achieve this was with incandescent par cans and colored gel sheets (Films that go over the light to create the color). These lights were very hot and often would discolor fabrics like pipe and drape linens etc. It wasn't a very good idea for a wedding where often there are lots of tables and chairs near the walls and possibly even children running around who may also be attracted to the pretty lights. When the LED light came out around 2005 it truly revolutionized the Event Lighting industry because this new technology was cool to the touch, used less power and never blew bulbs. It also gave the ability to change a color with the simple press of a button (No more gel sheets). Hesson Entertainment has been providing event lighting since 2008 and now offers packages exclusively for Event Lighting without our DJ services.

"Your Name in Light" You may also want to consider a custom designed monogram that you can project on the wall or dance floor. Hesson Entertainment can create this for you at a very modest price and also give you the design file in the format of your choosing at no extra charge for you to do with as you please. Use the file to get your own custom napkins, invitations or anything else you can think of to tie in your theme.


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